Key concepts

Quantitative Commons is organized around a few key concepts.

  • Tools are responsible for loading, transforming, analyzing, visualizing and exporting data. They are exogenous to the application, Quantitative Commons comes with a lot of them, but many more can be easily be created and added.

  • An Operation is the act of applying a tool to some specific data.

  • A Workflow is the bundling together of operations in a specific sequence. When recording is activated, any user action is saved into a workflow which can then be accessed via the Workflow library where it can be run, edited, combined with other workflows, exported, stepped through and much more. Workflows can be imported by dropping them in the workflow library.

  • If any of the Recognition modes are active when a workflow is recorded, a Recognition template is saved with the workflow. When loading data, the template recognizes sources that are identical to (or, depending on the recognition mode, similar to) the data source used to create the workflow, which may then be executed automatically.

Below is an overview of the user interface.